Undergraduate Courses, Spring 2018

Times and locations of class meetings are subject to change. Consult the UF Schedule of Courses for official class times and locations and an explanation of the class period abbreviations.

Non-Repeatable Courses

Students may not repeat for credit courses that are not listed as repeatable in the Undergraduate Catalog. If you register for non-repeatable courses that you have previously taken, you will earn no credit for those courses and they will not count toward fulfillment of degree requirements.

While some upper-division courses taught by the Department of English are repeatable for credit, many are not. You are responsible for knowing which courses may, and which courses may not, be repeated. You should, therefore, consult the Undergraduate Catalog in order to confirm that courses for which you wish to register more than once are, in fact, repeatable for credit.

Upper-Division (3000–4000) Courses

Note: Course numbers listed in the table below are linked to course descriptions. Descriptions will open in a new web page in this window. Use your browser’s “back” function to return to this page.

Course no. Section Time(s) Room Course title Instructor
AML 3041 2442 M W F 3 TUR 2333 American Mourning: Tropes of Mourning in American Literature Evers
AML 3605 1C09 T 2-3, R 3 TUR 2322 African-American Literature 1
Cross-listed with AFA 3930/sec. 159D
AML 3673 1C15 T 7, R 7-8 TUR 2333 Asian American and African American Interactions
Cross-listed with AFA 3930/sec. 15CD
AML 4170 1C44 T 9-11 TUR 2336 Race and Gender in Women’s Genre Fiction Hedrick
AML 4242 1C65 T 7, R 7-8 TUR 2336 Modern American Poetry Bryant
AML 4242 1C69 T 4, R 4-5 TUR 2342 Politics and Comics Galvan
CRW 3110 1625 T 9-11 CBD 0210 Advanced Seminar in Fiction Writing
Manuscript submission required; click here for details
CRW 3110 2A96 W 9-11 TUR 2306 Advanced Seminar in Fiction Writing
Manuscript submission required; click here for details
CRW 3310 08B3 M 9-11 CBD 0212 Verse Writing
Manuscript submission required; click here for details
CRW 4905 102B M 9-11 CBD 0216 Advanced Seminar in Fiction Writing
Manuscript submission required; click here for details
CRW 4906 2017 T 5-6, R 6 CBD 0216 Writing the Sonnet
Manuscript submission required; click here for details
ENC 3310 12F7 M W F 5 TUR 2305 Advanced Exposition Jones
ENC 3312 1E26 M W F 4 FAC 0120 Advanced Argumentative Writing Brooks
ENG 3115 1F13 T 4, R 4-5
T 9-11
TUR 2322
ROL 0115
Introduction to Film Criticism and Theory Mennel
ENG 4015 1F20 M 10-E1 TUR 1101 Psychoanalytic Fictions Rudnytsky
ENG 4133 11D0 T 4, R 4-5
T E1-E3
ROL 0115 Sound, Silent Cinema, Musicology Burt
ENG 4905 DEP-X TBD TBD Independent Study Cech
ENG 4911 DEP-X TBD TBD Undergraduate Research in English Cech
ENG 4936 DEP-X M 3-5 MCCA 2196 Honors Seminar: Alice Walker’s Womanist Thought King
ENG 4936 DEP-X M 4-5, W 4
M E1-E3
ROL 0115 Honors Seminar: The Modernisms of Film Turim
ENG 4940 DEP-X TBD TBD Internship Cech
ENG 4953 04AD W 9-11 FLI 0101 Writing the Self Maioli
ENG 4953 1G49 W 9-11
M 9-11
TUR 2334 Philosophy, Dialogues, and the Cinema Ray
ENG 4970 DEP-X TBD TBD Honors Thesis Project Cech
ENL 3122 17A9 M W F 4 TUR 2346 The English Novel: 19th Century Gangnes
ENL 3350 1H80 T 4, R 4-5 MAT 0115 Secularism and Literature in the Long Eighteenth Century Maioli
ENL 4220 1H93 M W F 7 TUR 2336 16th-Century Poetry and Poetics Murchek
ENL 4221 154A T 10-E1 TUR 1105 Milton’s Major Poems Rudnytsky
ENL 4333 1003 T 2-3, R 3 TUR 2349 Shakespeare—Learning by Doing Homan
LIT 3003 2456 M W F 5 TUR 2336 Forms of Narrative Beck
LIT 3041 1B16 T 4, R 4-5 TUR 2350 All Joking Aside Homan
LIT 3383 1E11 T 7-8, R 8 TUR 2318
TUR 2328
African Women Writers
Cross-listed with WST 4930/sec. 173B
Cross-listed with AFS 4935/sec. 14CF
Cross-listed with SSW 4713/sec. 04F2
LIT 4233 1B72 T 9-11 TUR 1101 Introduction to Postcolonial Studies Amoko
LIT 4233 17CG T 2-3, R 3 Pugh 120 Postcolonial Theory Schueller
LIT 4332 1057 W 9-11 TUR 2336 Literature for Young Children Ulanowicz
LIT 4333 1B85 M W F 8 TUR 2322 Literature for the Adolescent Kidd
LIT 4930 017C T 2-3, R 3 MAT 0007 Forgery, Forensics, Philosophy Burt
LIT 4930 06A5 T 9-11
R 9-11
TUR 2334 Philosophy and the Cinema Ray
LIT 4930 0792 T 5-6, R 6 LIT 0233 Holocaust Novels
Cross-listed with HBR 4930/sec. 0156
Cross-listed with JST 4936/sec. 0894
LIT 4930 106F T 7, R 7-8 TUR 2346 Verne, Wells & Co.: European SF of the Late Nineteenth Century Harpold
LIT 4930 106G M W F 6 TUR 2336 The Children’s Classic Kidd
LIT 4930 14C5 T 7, R 7-8 PUGH 120 Traditional Japanese Dolls
Cross-listed with JPN 4930/sec. 024B
LIT 4930 2C37 T 7-8, R 7 WAL 0201D Jewish Cinema
Cross-listed with JST 4936/sec. 193C
LIT 4930 2C35 M W F 6 TUR 2334 Paris was/is a Woman
Cross-listed with FRT 3561/sec. 01HC