The Right Man For the Job

The Right Man For the JobMike Magnuson (MFA, 1997)

HarperCollins, 1997
ISBN: 0060187107

Gunnar and Dewy are “repo” men – one white, one black – who work for a furniture and appliance rental company in a tough, inner-city neighborhood. Dewy, a foul-mouthed realist, happily takes Gunnar under his wing and tries to teach him how to maneuver safely through the dangers of the Columbus, Ohio, streets. Together they devise increasingly ingenious ways to reclaim properly from their most recalicitrant customers. They become fixated in particular on a woman who will not respond to any of their attempts to repossess her furniture. Both Dewy and the customer refuse to give in. And thus the stage is set for a series of events that send Gunnar’s life spiraling out of control.