The Ghost Apple

GhostAaron Thier (MFA, 2012)

Tripoli College is a humble New England institution. Originally founded as a free school for Native Americans, it is now beset by financial problems and so has entered into an increasingly troubling financial relationship with a snack food corporation. Big Anna® deposes the college president, uses the campus as a testing ground for their latest "dietary and mood additive," and creates a field studies program in the Caribbean, where students in the (literal) field soon learn the true price of their Human Power Technology practices.

Set amidst this madness is a quasi love story, between Bill Brees, a dean going undercover as a student, utterly bemused by how things have changed since his undergrad days, and Maggie, an African American student startled into the realization that maybe nothing changes at all.

The Ghost Apple is told through a wealth of documents: tourism pamphlets, course catalogs, blog posts, historical letters, and slave narratives. Slowly, they reveal the extent of Tripoli's current crisis, and highlight those larger crisesof — genocide, slavery, ignorance and indifference — on which the college and the nation were founded . . . and on which we continue to subsist.