Marsha Bryant

Professor & Distinguished Teaching Scholar

Marsha BryantMarsha Bryant joined the UF faculty in 1989 after receiving her PhD from the University of Illinois. An interdisciplinary Humanities researcher grounded in modernist studies, Bryant’s work crosses into the fields of art history, Classics, Egyptology, gender and sexuality studies, film studies, and popular culture. She also publishes on pedagogy. She is Associate Editor for the journal Contemporary Women's Writing.

Professor Bryant’s work often focuses on poetry’s relationships to visual culture found in museums, magazines, and movies. She received a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities for her book Women’s Poetry and Popular Culture. Her earlier books are Auden and Documentary in the 1930s and the edited collection Photo-Textualities: Reading Photographs and Literature. Bryant’s recent essays have appeared in Journal of Modern Literature, Modernism/Modernity, and Plath Profiles, as well as the collections A History of Twentieth-Century American Women’s Poetry and Identity and Form in Contemporary Literature. Her forthcoming work on men’s style magazines will appear in a collection on popular modernism.

Professor Bryant’s collaborative work includes a co-edited forum on Camp modernism with Douglas Mao, as well as essays on women poets and ancient cultures with Mary Ann Eaverly (UF Classics). As a teacher, Bryant collaborates with the interdisciplinary project Impact of Materials on Society, hosted by UF and the Materials Research Society. With the students in her recent seminar on PostPunk Cultures, she published a collective collage on FEST 15 in Bryant also collaborates with museums. She has curated exhibits at the Whitney Museum of American Art and UF’s Harn Museum of Art.

A three-time Teacher of the Year for UF’s College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Professor Bryant offers courses in post-1900 British and American poetry, women’s literature, modernist studies, and cultural studies. Popular courses include Modern British Poetry, Desperate Domesticity: The American 1950s, and PostPunk Cultures: The British 80s.


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