The Wandering Jews

The Wandering JewsJoseph Roth; Michael Hofmann, trans.

Granta Books, 2001
ISBN: 1862074704

The great novelist Joseph Roth, in the last years of Weimer Germany, set out to explore the Jewish communities scattered across Europe and America. He wrote about them in his characteristically tightly-packed, understated style, and brought back reports of hope, poverty, fear and persecution. He traveled to Poland, France, Austria and the USA. He witnessed the twilight years of the shtetls and schools of Eastern Europe, and foresaw the dangers posed by extreme German nationalism.

This is the first translation of Roth’s non-fiction to appear in English. It will confirm his ever-growing reputation as a neglected master of twentieth-century literature.

Granta Books is republishing the whole of Roth’s already translated work, and commissioning new translations of the work that has never appeared in English. Michael Hofmann’s versions of Roth are celebrated here and in the USA, where he won the Helen and Hurt Wolff Translation Prize for his translation of Rebellion.

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