You & I

You & IPadgett Powell

Serpent’s Tail, 2011
ISBN: 9781846688164

Described as “Waiting for Godot on acid,” this radiant and enigmatic novel will take you on a journey into the subconscious. Confounding, experimental fiction for everyone who loved The Interrogative Mood.

“This book is a conversation, apparently on a porch, between two men who may be difficult to grasp. They move together in aimless convenient debate, coming to conclusions that don’t conclude but to positions that may not be finally so aimless. They disagree to agree. They are smart, not smart; fools, not fools. Poignant, hilarious, opaque, diamond-clear, this strange little gem is sure to delight the thousands of devotees found by Powell’s The Interrogative Mood. When we first came across Padgett Powell’s remarkable writing it blew our minds completely." —Dazed & Confused

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