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Roger Beebe’s (short) biography of Arnold Schwarzenegger has been published in Journeys of Desire: European Actors in America (BFI, 2006). Unfortunately all the good bits about Hans und Franz, Arnie’s Humvee, etc. were excised by the editors. In May, Beebe attended the 2006 Console-ing Passions conference in Milwaukee, WI where he presented his video “One Nation under Tommy” on a new media panel. Since his last update (March 2006), his most recent film “S A V E” was screened in London, Berlin, Poznan (Poland), and in less exotic locales around the USA (Portland, OR Richmond, VA Meadville, NY). His previous film, “(rock/hard place)” also screened several times and was awarded 1st Prize at MaGa (in Macon, GA), 2nd Prize at Oper/Anti (Sarah Lawrence), and split top honors at the Hi Mom! Film Festival (Chapel Hill). In the next month, both “S A V E” and “(rock/hard place)” will be screened at the Dallas Video Festival, the Chicago Underground Film Festival, and Antimatter in Victoria, BC.

Ira Clark’s “The Trappings of All’s Well That Ends Well” has appeared in Style 39 (2005): 277–98.

Norman Holland served as a group leader at the 7th International Neuro-Psychoanalysis Congress, held in Los Angeles, July 21–23.

R. Brandon Kershner’s review of Mark Wollaeger’s Casebook on Portrait of the Artist (OUP) appears in James Joyce Quarterly 41.4: 857-60.


Andrew Gordon and Norman Holland organized the 23rd International Conference on Literature and Psychology in Helsinki, Finland, June 28–July 3, co-sponsored by the Institute for the Psychological Study of the Arts (UF) and the University of Helsinki Department of Education. The Vice-Rector and the Dean of the Faculty of Behavioral Sciences of the University of Helsinki greeted the conferees. Sixty-one papers were given by speakers from Finland, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Serbia, Greece, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Israel, Taiwan, Malaysia, Canada, and the United States. Professor Gordon spoke on “Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds and Trauma Culture” and Professor Holland spoke on “Literature as Happiness: The Critic as Mammal.” Other participants from the University of Florida were Bertram Wyatt Brown (Emeritus, History) and Anne Wyatt-Brown (Emerita, Linguistics). The next International Conference on Literature and Psychology will take place July 4–9, 2007 at the University of Belgrade, Serbia. For information, contact Professor Gordon, at <>.

Mark A. Reid attended the Fulbright German Studies Seminar “Muslim Minorities: Opportunities and Challenges in West European Societies, German and French Experiences,” held in Tübingen and Berlin, Germany and Strasbourg, France, May 13–27. His Black Lenses, Black Voices: African American Film Now received the CHOICE Outstanding Title Award for 2005.


“Facilis descensus Averni,” Terry Harpold’s review of Subterranean Worlds: A Critical Anthology, ed. Peter Fitting (Wesleyan University Press, 2004) appears in Science Fiction Studies 33.2 (2006): 357–61.


R. Brandon Kershner organized the academic program for the Twentieth International James Joyce Symposium, held in Budapest and in Szombathely, Hungary, June 11–17. Some two hundred fifty Joyceans attended, including many from the former Eastern Bloc. Along with Margot Norris, the IJJF President, Kershner delivered the welcoming remarks. Later, he spoke on “Joyce and the Daily Press.” During the Conference, he was nominated for a second term as Trustee of the International Foundation. The Board of Trustees discussed some implications of Carol Shloss’s suit against the Joyce Estate (which was made public in the recent New Yorker issue). The conference is discussed by Brenda Maddox in the latest TLS. Kershner and his former student Tekla Mecsnober will edit a volume based on the conference contributions.

Julian Wolfrey’s Key Concepts in Literary Theory, 2d ed, has been published in a Chinese language edition by China Ocean University Press. His Introducing Criticism in the 21st Century has been published in a Chinese language edition by Nanjing University Press.


Marsha Bryant’s essay “Ariel's Kitchen: Plath, Ladies’ Home Journal, and the Domestic Surreal” appears in The Unraveling Archive: Essays on Sylvia Plath, ed. Anita Helle (University of Michigan Press, 2006).

Norman Holland’s Meeting Movies has been published by Fairleigh Dickinson University Press (2006).


Andrew Gordon presented “Shock Value: Teaching Sex and Dirt in Roth” as part of a panel on “Teaching Philip Roth” at the 2006 American Literature Association Conference, held in San Francisco May 25–28. He also participated in a roundtable at the conference on “American Visions of Europe.”

Terry Harpold presented “Reading the Illustrations: The Example of Le Superbe Orénoque” at the 2006 annual meeting of the North American Jules Verne Society, held in Norfolk, VA May 25–28.


Susan Hegeman was an invited speaker at the “Histories of the Human Sciences” conference at the University of Pennsylvania. Her talk was titled “A Brief History of the Cultural Turn.”

Maureen Turim’s essay "Napoléon" appears as the first chapter in The Cinema of France, ed. Phil Powrie (Wallflower Press, 2006), 11–18.

News of Current Students


Bharati Kasibhatla presented “Dreaming of Escape: The Search for Utopia in Rohington Mistry’s Family Matters” at the 2006 Global Cities Conference, held at Liverpool Hope University.


Jessica B. Burstrem's essay “The Reclamation of Zora Neale Hurston’s Seraph on the Suwanee” appears in Florida Studies: Proceedings of the 2005 Annual Meeting of the Florida College English Association, ed. Steve Glassman (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2006), 175–94. Burstrem recently became an HTML editor for thirdspace: feminist theory and culture and a member of the Editorial Board of EAPSU ONLINE: A Journal of Critical and Creative Work.

Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar presented “Writing at the Center: WAC, WID, and WCs” at the 2006 European Writing Centers Association Conference held in Istanbul, June 24–26.

Jeffrey Rice’s review of The Private, the Public, and the Published: Reconciling Private Lives and Public Rhetoric, eds. Barbara Couture and Thomas Kent (Utah State University Press, 2004) appears in Rhetoric Society Quarterly 36.3 (2006): 343–50.


Ramona Caponegro presented “Behind Bars: Representations of Prisons in Children’s Literature Written in Reform-Ridden Victorian England” at the Children’s Literature Association’s 33rd Annual Conference, held in Manhattan Beach, CA, June 8–10.

Ellen Joy Letostak presented “Stowe’s The Christian Slave: Surrogation and the [Re]Creation of Racial Discourse” at the Stowe Society Panel of the American Literature Association’s 17th Annual Meeting, held in San Francisco, 25–28 May.

Cathlena Martin presented “Pixie Dust to Pixels: Classic Children's Novels Transformed to Video Games” at the 33rd Annual International Conference of the Children’s Literature Association, held in Manhattan Beach, CA, June 8–10.

Jeffrey Rice’s review of Jacqueline Rhodes’s Radical Feminism, Writing, and Critical Agency: From Manifesto to Modem (SUNY Press, 2005) appears in the Spring 2006 issue of Computers and Composition Online.


Roger Whitson’s essay “Jerusalem and ‘the Jew’: Biopolitics Between Blake and Spinoza” appears in Romanticism on the Net 40 (2005).


Jaimy Mann’s review of Little Boy: The Arts of Japan’s Exploding Subculture (ed. Takashi Murakami, Yale University Press, 2005) appears in Children's Literature Association Quarterly 31.1 (2006): 93–97.


Seth Blazer’s essay “Rear Window Ethics: Domestic Privacy versus Public Responsibility in the Evolution of Voyeurism” appears in the Summer 2006 issue of Midwest Quarterly.

Jessica B. Burstrem presented two papers, “Monster Mothers: Representations of Mothers of Sons in Popular American Movies” and “Consequences of the Commercialization of Caring for Interpersonal Relationships,” and chaired two panels, “Care and Mothering” and “Issues in Formal Caregiving,” at the Association for Research on Mothering Conference, held in Toronto, Ontario May 5–7.

Ellen Joy Letostak presented “Tracking Shakespeare with TiVo®” at the “TV Shakespeare” Seminar of the Shakespeare Association of America’s 34th Annual Meeting, held in Philadelphia April 13–15.

Angelique Nixon’s essay “Poem and Tale as Double Helix in Joy Harjo’s A Map to the Next World” appears in SAIL: Studies in American Indian Literatures 18.1 (2006): 1–21.

Michael Vastola’s essay “Pedagogy, Ideology, and Space in the Classical Anarchist Conception of Freedom” appears in Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture 6.2 (2006). He presented a paper titled “A (Class) History of Strategy and Struggle: Lessons from the Chicago Freedom Movement for the Composition Classroom” as part of the panel “Labor Power: Reclaiming Marxism as a Guide to (Rhetorical) Action” at the Conference on College Composition and Communication, held in Chicago, March 22–25.

News of Former Students


Sharmain van Blommestein presented “The Anatomy of Mystical Imagery: Mystical Union and the Medieval Marital Ideal” at the 2006 International Medieval Congress 2006, held at the University of Leeds.


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