Summer 2014 Newsletter

News of Faculty


Marsha Bryant and Andrea Krafft are coauthors with UF colleagues on “The Virome—Viral Ghost Companion, Virus Wars.” Journal of Clinical and Experimental Cardiology (5.8, 2014). Marsha Bryant is also a co-recipient of National Science Foundation funding for a pedagogy workshop at the upcoming Materials Research Society meeting, along with UF colleagues from Materials Science Engineering, CHPS, Classics, History, and Anthropology.

Richard Burt delivered an invited keynote speech entitled “Second Thoughts on Crusoe’s Ghosts, or Second Thoughts on Crusoe’s Ghosts” during the “Robinson Crusoe in Asia” conference at Tsukuba University, Tokyo, Japan, September 19–21.

Ruth & Alex, an adaptation of Jill Ciment's novel Heroic Measures, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

On September 20, Kenneth Kidd gave a talk entitled “Golden Age Case Writing and the Enchantments of the Children’s Classic” at the third annual interdisciplinary symposium on children’s literature and psychoanalysis, held at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and sponsored by the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia.

Judith W. Page presented a paper, “Grace Aguilar’s ‘The Rocks of Elim’: Romantic Lyric and Biblical Narrative,” at the Wordsworth Summer Conference in Rydal, UK, on August 11. She also chaired a session on Percy Shelley and Letitia Landon at the same conference.

Malini Schueller’s essay “Colonial Management, Colloaborative Dissent: English Readers in the Philippines and Camilo Osias, 1905–1932” appeared in Journal of Asian American Studies 17 ii (June 2014, 161–198). Her essay “The U.S. Academic Left and the Movements to Boycott Israel” appeared in Shifting Borders: America and the Middle East/ North Africa Ed. Alex Lubin (Lebanon: American University of Beirut Press, 2014, 307–320).

In late May, Phillip Wegner was one of the invited presenters at Stanford University’s Colloquium on “The Contemporary” where he gave a talk, “The Rising Fortunes of the Contemporary and the Challenge of Periodization.” The talk and discussion is streamed on the interdisciplinary working group’s website, here.


News of Current Students


Peter Gitto presented a paper entitled “Visions of Nostalgia and the Uncanny in Andrei Tarkovsky's Mirror and Solaris” at the 68th University Film and Video Association Conference, which was held at Montana State University, Aug. 6–9, 2014.


News of Former Students


Suzanne Warren’s essay “On Dead Baby Jokes and Art” was published in The Prague Revue.


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