Associate Professor
Amoko’s new book project examines the deployment of sexuality in late colonial and postcolonial African literature and the figuration of the father as the embodiment of an increasingly beleaguered patriarchal tradition. Following Judith Butler, the book examines gender trouble in the postcolony. In addition to his book Postcolonialism in the Wake of the Nairobi Revolution, Amoko has contributed to The Routledge Companion to Critical Theory and The Cambridge Companion to African Literature.

Amoko’s work has also appeared in the journals Modern Drama, Callaloo, and Mosaic. His teaching interests are postcolonial theory and literatures, critical theory, cultural studies, ethnic literatures of Canada and the United States, and modern drama.



Sidney Homan

Author of some twelve books and five collections of essays on Shakespeare and the modern playwrights, and an actor and director in commercial and university theatres, Sidney Homan has been named the university’s Teacher/Scholar of the Year. His prize-winning Beckett’s Theatres: Interpretations for Performance emerged from his tour of Florida prisons with a production of Waiting for Godot. In A Fish in the Moonlight, he recounts stories of his youth in South Philly and his experience telling them to children on the hospital’s Pediatric Bone Marrow Unit. Bloomsbury/Methuen has published Comedy Acting for Theatre: The Art and Craft of Performing in Comedies, which he wrote with the New York director Brian Rhinehart. And for Routledge Press he recently edited How and Why We Teach Shakespeare: Teachers and Directors Share How They Explore the Playwright with their Students. He has also written the libretto for the opera The Golem of Prague, with a score by Paul Richards.

Homan teaches ENL 4333 (Shakespeare), LIT 3041 (All Joking Aside: The Art and Craft of Comedy), LIT 3043 (Modern Drama—Learning by Doing), and LIT 6047 (An Evening with William Shakespeare), a graduate seminar whose project is a two-hour stage production of scenes from the playwright.

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