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Progress Schedule

Sample Programs of Study

The tables below illustrate typical programs of study for the MA, MFA, and PhD

MA with Thesis = 8 courses + 6 thesis hours (ENG 6971)
MA without Thesis = 10 courses + 2 hours (ENG 6906) for the MA Exam

First Year  Second Year   
courses22122 or 1+ thesis hours1 or thesis hours
notesEstablish thesis or exam committee2 hours ENG 6906 for MA Exam (for nonthesis option)
Application by 15 Jan. for PhD Program for those wishing to continue.

This section applies only to students who entered in Fall 2007 and are pursuing the 2-year MFA. To view the requirements for the 3-year MFA, see the MFA@FLA home page.

MFA = 4 workshops + 5 seminars/electives + 3 reading tutorials + 9 thesis hours (ENG 6971)

 First Year  Second Year
coursesworkshop, seminar/elective, reading tutorialworkshop, seminar/elective, ENG 6910 (3 credits)seminar/electiveworkshop, seminar/elective, reading tutorial ENG 6971 (6 credits)
notesEstablish thesis committee

PhD = 7 courses, after the MA or MFA

 First/Third Year  Second/Fourth Year  Third/Fifth Year  Fourth/Sixth Year 
courses220 or 11 or 20000000
notesEstablish dissertation/area exams committeeRecommended semesters for completing examsDissertation

The number of courses taken in any semester may vary from this suggested schedule.
Because this progress schedule may be more difficult for students who transfer directly into the PhD program, such students should make a special effort to establish an Area Examination committee as soon as possible.
Students not on departmental or university funding are advised to follow this schedule as circumstances permit. Nevertheless, the progress of part-time and full-time nonfunded students will be regularly reviewed in order to insure satisfactory progress. The Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) and the Graduate Coordinator retain the right to determine “satisfactory progress” in each case.