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Registration Information

Students must be registered in any semester in which they plan to enroll in classes, teach (whether in funding or not), use the libraries and other campus rescurces, take qualifying exams, defend theses and dissertations, and/or graduate. The table below outlines the minimum numbers of credit hours students need in order to register. Some students will register for more than these minima, depending on circumstances. For example, students may need to enroll in more credit hours to comply with the specifications of their financial aid or fellowship packages.

 Fall or Spring SemestersSummer ASummer BSummer C
Full-time students not on appointments or receiving fellowships of more than $3,150 per semester12448
Full-time students receiving teaching assistantships9336
Part-time students not receiving fellowships or assistantships (absolute minimum registrations)3222

Typical course loads for full-time graduate students are 3 courses for students who are not teaching and 2 courses for students holding Teaching or Research Assistantships. Because these course loads do not equal in credit hours the minimum requirements for registration, students will need to request and be enrolled in supplementary credit hours. These are the options and restrictions for supplementary hours:

MA students who are writing a thesis can take unlimited hours in ENG 6971 (MA Research), but only six hours will count toward the degree.
Students may use a total of 5 hours in ENG 6910 (Supervised Research).
Students who are teaching may use a total of 5 hours in LAE 6940 (Supervised Teaching).
PhD students who have not been formally admitted to candidacy (that is, students with MA degrees who have not completed the qualifying examinations and dissertation prospectus) should register for hours in ENG 7979 (Advanced Research).
PhD students who have been admitted to candidacy should register for hours in ENG 7980 (Dissertation Research).
The Graduate School usually allows MA and MFA students to transfer up to but no more than six hours of work done elsewhere, with the approval of the Graduate Coordinator.