Marsha Bryant

Professor & Distinguished Teaching Scholar

Marsha Bryant

Marsha Bryant’s current project considers midcentury masculinity, style, cultural connoisseurship, and men’s poems about domesticity. Part of it appears in the new anthology Popular Modernism and Its Legacies (“Gentry Modernism”). Other recent publications include “Crisis Modes: Ancient Egyptian Forms and Modern Women Poets,” co-authored with Mary Ann Eaverly (UF Classics), and “Camp Modernism Forum,” co-edited with Douglas Mao. Last year she co-lead the campus-wide workshop “Teaching with Archives: A 360⁰ Event.”

Professor Bryant is active in Modernist Studies Association and has contributed to its affiliate journal Modernism/modernity. She also serves on the editorial board of Contemporary Women’s Writing. On campus, Bryant is in UF’s Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars; she also works with the interdisciplinary project Impact of Materials on Society (IMOS). A frequent collaborator with the Harn Museum of Art, Bryant has given gallery talks and co-curated an exhibit (Classical Convergences: Traditions & Inventions). Her Department courses include Desperate Domesticity: The American 1950s, Modern British Poetry, and PostPunk Cultures: The British 1980s.

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