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Alphabetical Listing of Faculty

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  • Uwem Akpan
    Assistant Professor
    Creative Writing (Fiction) Read more "Uwem Akpan"
  • Apollo Amoko
    Associate Professor
    Postcolonial Theory & Literatures (esp. African Literature), Critical Theory, Modern Drama Read more "Apollo Amoko"


  • Camille Bordas
    Assistant Professor
    Fiction Writing, Nonfiction Writing, Translation Read more "Camille Bordas"
  • Marsha Bryant
    Director of Graduate Student Teaching & General Education; Professor & Distinguished Teaching Scholar
    Modernist Studies, Poetry & Visual Culture, Women’s Writing Read more "Marsha Bryant"
  • Richard Burt
    Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama; Film, Mass Media, and Digital Media; Literacy and Media Theory Read more "Richard Burt"


  • John Cech
    Children’s Literature, 20th-Century American Literature, Adolescent Literature Read more "John Cech"
  • Jill Ciment
    Creative Writing (Fiction) Read more "Jill Ciment"


  • Sid Dobrin
    Department Chair, University of Florida Research Foundation Professor
    Composition Studies and Theory, Ecocomposition, Visual Rhetoric Read more "Sid Dobrin"


  • Kim Emery
    Associate Professor
    U.S. Literatures and Culture, Queer Studies, Semiotics Read more "Kim Emery"


  • Margaret Galvan
    Assistant Professor
    Contemporary American Literature, Comics Studies, Digital Humanities, Archival Science, Feminist & Queer Theory, Visual Rhetoric Read more "Margaret Galvan"
  • Pamela Gilbert
    Albert Brick Professor
    Victorian Literature and History, The Novel, Women’s Literature, Cultural Studies Read more "Pamela Gilbert"


  • Terry Harpold
    Associate Professor
    Science Fiction and Film, Climate Fiction and Film, Digital Humanities, Image-Text Studies, Psychoanalysis Read more "Terry Harpold"
  • Tace Hedrick
    Chicana/o & Latina/o Cultural Studies; Afro-Latino/a Cultural Studies; Feminist Theory; Transnational American Intellectual History; Feminist Art History; Women’s Studies Read more "Tace Hedrick"
  • Susan Hegeman
    American studies, cultural studies, 20th- 21st century literature Read more "Susan Hegeman"
  • Michael Hofmann
    Creative Writing (Poetry), Translation Read more "Michael Hofmann"
  • Sidney R. Homan
    Drama (Shakespeare and Modern), Theatre, Acting and Directing Read more "Sidney R. Homan"


  • Kenneth Kidd
    19th-Century Literature and Culture, Children’s Literature and Media, Queer Studies Read more "Kenneth Kidd"
  • Debra Walker King
    African-American Literature, American Literature, Women’s Studies & Feminist Theory Read more "Debra Walker King"


  • David Leavitt
    Professor, Co-Director, MFA@FLA
    Creative Writing (Fiction) Read more "David Leavitt"
  • William Logan
    Alumni Professor, Distinguished Teaching Scholar
    Creative Writing (Poetry) Read more "William Logan"


  • Roger Maioli
    Assistant Professor
    18th-century British literature, the rise of the novel, literature and ethics, the history of aesthetics, cultural and epistemic relativism Read more "Roger Maioli"
  • Barbara Mennel
    Associate Professor
    International Cinema, Feminist and Queer Studies, German Studies Read more "Barbara Mennel"
  • Ange Mlinko
    Associate Professor
    Creative Writing (Poetry) Read more "Ange Mlinko"
  • Trevor Mowchun
    Assistant Professor
    Filmmaking, Philosophy of Film, Aesthetics Read more "Trevor Mowchun"


  • Robert Ray
    Film, Critical Theory, World Literature, Poetry Writing, Popular Music Read more "Robert Ray"
  • Mark A. Reid
    African and African Diaspora Studies in Film, Media and Literature, Cultural Studies, Womanism and Gender Studies Read more "Mark A. Reid"
  • Leah Rosenberg
    Associate Professor
    Anglophone Caribbean Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Cultural Studies Read more "Leah Rosenberg"
  • Peter L. Rudnytsky
    Freud, Psychoanalytic Studies, Shakespeare, Renaissance Literature Read more "Peter L. Rudnytsky"


  • Raúl Sánchez
    Associate Professor
    Composition Studies, Composition Theory, Critical Theory Read more "Raúl Sánchez"
  • Jodi Schorb
    Associate Professor, Graduate Coordinator
    Early American Literatures and Cultures (pre 1840s); Early Gender, Sexuality and LGBT Studies; Prison Studies; Life Writing/Memoir Read more "Jodi Schorb"
  • Malini Johar Schueller
    19th- and 20th-Century American Literature, Asian-American Studies, Postcolonial and Critical Race Theory, Feminist Theories Read more "Malini Johar Schueller"
  • Stephanie A. Smith
    Professor/University Term Professor 2018-20
    19th-early 20th American Literature and Culture, Critical Theory, Fiction Writing Read more "Stephanie A. Smith"
  • Delia Steverson
    Assistant Professor
    African American Literature, Disability Studies, Gender Studies, Southern Literature Read more "Delia Steverson"


  • Maureen Turim
    Film History and Theory, Psychoanalytic Theory, Feminist and Gender Theory, Deconstruction, Comparative Art Theory Read more "Maureen Turim"


  • Anastasia Ulanowicz
    Associate Professor
    Children’s Literature and; Media, Comics/Visual Rhetoric, Religion & Literature, Trauma Studies Read more "Anastasia Ulanowicz"


  • Phillip Wegner
    Professor, Marston-Milbauer Eminent Scholar
    20th-Century American, British, and World Literatures; Marxism; Film; Science Fiction; Utopias; Cultural Studies; Theory Read more "Phillip Wegner"


  • Rae X. Yan
    Assistant Professor
    Victorian Literature and Culture, Literature and Science Studies, Sino-British Relations Read more "Rae X. Yan"

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