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Victor Del Hierro

Assistant Professor


Victor is currently working on a book project titled, The DJ is Precedent: Hip Hop, Community Building, and Technical Communication, that merges discussions on technical communication and community-based modes of knowledge production through research on Hip Hop Practitioners and culture. This book showcases how DJs and their practices can inform contemporary conversations about the connections between culture, technology, and community in and beyond the field of technical communication. Recently, he presented on this work at the 2019 Association of Teachers of Technical Writing conference (ATTW) for a talk titled, “The Hip Hop Practitioner: Community-Building as a Model for Communication Design and Accountability,” as well as recently published the article “DJs, Playlists, and Community: Imagining Communication Design through Hip Hop,” in Communication Design Quarterly (CDQ). Dr. Del Hierro also recently presented his work on the Ciudad Juarez and El Paso Borderlands title “Urban Space: Histories of Migration and Invisible Borders” at the Gloria Anzaldua: Translating Borders international colloquium in Paris, France.

Victor frequently attends the ATTW conference, Computers and Writing Conference, and the National Council for Teacher of English convention. In October of 2020, Victor will help host the Sound Studies, Rhetoric, and Writing Conference in Detroit. He offers courses in Rhetoric, Composition, and Technical Communication that relates to topics in Hip Hop, Digital Media, Chicanx studies, Sound Studies, and Cultural Rhetorics.

Professor Del Hierro’s CV