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Tace Hedrick

Tace’s research is centered on two areas: US Latinx/Chicanx and Latin American Studies, focusing especially on cultural history; and popular genre studies, focusing on Latina/Chicana “chica lit” and gothic romance. Her current project is tentatively called “Queering the Cosmic Race: Indigenism, Sexuality, and Spiritual Capital in Gloria Anzaldua, Walter Mercado, and Ana Mendieta.” This book focuses on how a long, and continuing, Latin American history of esoteric belief systems, from Theosophy to New Age, has helped shape discourses of race, sexuality, and the spiritual in the work of Latin/x and Chican/x artists in the United States.

Tace recently presented “In the Flesh: Cross-Racial Teaching in Latina/o Studies.” at the Latina/o Studies Association Conference. Her recent publications include: “‘The Spirits Talk to Us’: Regionalism, Poverty, and Romance in Mexican-American Gothic Fiction” (2017) in Studies in the Novel, “History is What Hurts: Queer Temporalities and Alien Feelings in Gloria Anzaldúa” (2015) in Cultural History, and “Neoliberalism and Orientalism in Puerto Rico: Walter Mercado’s Queer Spiritual Capital” (2013) in CENTRO: Journal of Puerto Rican Studies. At UF, she is affiliated with the Center for Latin American Studies, Art History, and the Spanish department. On a regular basis, Tace teaches Race and Gender in US Latin/x Fiction, Chican/x Civil Rights, and Feminist Fictions.

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