Kenneth Kidd


Kenneth Kidd

Kenneth Kidd works in children’s literature studies and is especially interested in the field’s intersections with other cultural projects, such as philosophy, psychology, and critical theory. His first book, Making American Boys, explores literary and cultural programs of “boyology” and in relation to stories of boys raised by various animals (what he calls the “feral tale”); his second, Freud in Oz, addresses the intersections of children’s literature and psychoanalysis. He is now finishing a book called Theory for Beginners, or Children’s Literature Otherwise. He has coedited three books on the respective topics of children’s literature and ecocriticism (with Sid Dobrin), queer children’s literature (with Michelle Ann Abate), and children’s book awards (with Joseph T. Thomas, Jr.), in development is a fourth co-edited volume on summer camp, Camp aesthetics, and queer possibility (with Derritt Mason).

Professor Kidd serves on a number of editorial boards and is especially active with the Children’s Literature Association. With Elizabeth Marshall, he co-edits the Children’s Literature and Culture series at Routledge, the oldest-running monograph series in the field, founded by Jack Zipes. At UF he is part of the Baldwin Editorial Collective, now working on a book showcasing the Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature. Professor Kidd teaches undergraduate courses in children’s and young adult literature, as well as graduate seminars such as “Into the Archive,” “Comparative Children’s Literature” and “Disney and Its Discontents.” He is an Affiliate Professor with the Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research and also serves as Associate Director of UF’s Center for the Study of Children’s Literature & Culture.

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