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Spring 2013 Newsletter

News of Faculty


Sid Dobrin recently delivered the paper “New Media (Complex) Ecology and The New Media Ecological Complex” at CCCC 2013, where he also served as respondent to three panels, two of which were organized to address his recent book Postcomposition. Dobrin also gave the keynote address “Emerging Technologies, Posthuman Bodies, and Complex Ecologies: Thinking at the Edge of Chaos” at the University of Arizona’s Department of English conference“ Convergences: The Technological Sublime 2.0.” He also delivered the keynote talk “On the Beach” at the University of Rhode Island conference “Talking Beyond Disciplines: Rising Tides and Sea Changes.”

Pamela Gilbert keynoted the British Women Writers Conference of 2013 in Albuquerque, NM, speaking on “Customs of Reading Victorian Fiction.”

Terry Harpold presented two papers at recent conferences: “‘A Vanished Continent’: Nemo, Atlantis, & Jules Verne’s Illustrators” at the Conference of the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts (Orlando, FL, March 20–23) and “There Are No Chicken Dinosaurs on The Mysterious Island. Or, Why the Film Adaptations of Jules Verne’s Novel Are Terrible“ at the J. Lloyd Eaton Science Fiction Conference: “Science Fiction Media” (University of California, Riverside, April 11–14).

Anastasia Ulanowicz’s book Second-Generation Memory and Contemporary Children’s Literature: Ghost Images has been published by Routledge.

Phil Wegner presented the plenary lecture, “Shockwaves of Possibility: Alternate Histories and the Geopolitical Aesthetics of Ken MacLeod and Iain M. Banks,” at the 2013 SALT Symposium, “Time and Space in Speculative Fiction,” at Uppsala Universitet (Uppsala, Sweden).


Marsha Bryant accepted an invitation to serve as an Associate Editor of the Oxford journal Contemporary Women’s Writing. Her book Women’s Poetry and Popular Culture was reviewed last month in Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature.

Laurie Gries presented a paper titled “New Materialism: What is it and what can it do for the Digital Humanities” at the Networked Humanities conference in Lexington, KY in February. In March at the Conference on College Composition and Communication, she also served as a Research Network Forum discussion leader and a respondent on a panel titled “Writing and/as Design: Identity Events in the Margins.”

On April 9, Susan Hegeman participated in a roundtable discussion of Spielberg’s Lincoln, entitled “’Clothed in Immense Power’: Lincoln, Slavery, and the Obama Era,” sponsored by the Uppsala Association of International Affairs and the Swedish Institute for North American Studies. She presented “Adaptation and the Indians,” at the 15th annual Marxist Reading Group conference at UF.

Raúl Sánchez presented “Writing the Postcolonial Event” at the Conference on College Composition and Communication in Las Vegas on March 14, as part of a panel, “Writing and/as Design: Identity Events in the Margins,” comprised of himself, Laurie Gries, andMaria Rogal (School of Art + Art History). He also presented briefly (“Working With, In, and Against Theory”) and helped facilitate a half-day workshop titled “Exploring Latinidad in the West” on March 13.

Stephanie Smith both participated in and delivered a paper to the Oxford Roundtable in Oxford, UK (March 17-21) on turn of the 20th century American women writers, as well as did a book-signing of Warpaint at Thames River Press in London.


Pamela Gilbert’s essay, “Women and Medicine in the Age of Empire” appears in The Cultural History of Women in The Age of Empire (1800-1920). Teresa Mangum, ed. London: Berg Press, 2013.

Brandon Kershner was Eminent Visiting Scholar at the University of Alabama Huntsville. Invited by the Humanities Council, during March 4–8, he gave a poetry reading and spoke to a general audience and to two classes on Joyce and Bakhtin.

William Logan and Debora Greger have returned from Sewanee, where they received the 26th and 27th Aiken-Taylor Awards in Modern Poetry, an honor previously received by Richard Wilbur, Anthony Hecht, W. S. Merwin, and Louise Gluck. They each gave readings after lectures on their poetry.

Judith Page has published and essay entitled, “Estates,” in The Cambridge Companion to Pride and Prejudice, ed. Janet Todd, Cambridge University Press, 2013: 97–108.

Mark Reid presented “Fatou: A PostNegritude Kind of Woman” at the 10th International Conference of the Collegium for African American Research, held at Agnes Scott College, Decatur/Atlanta, Georgia (March 13-16). Reid was elected as a MLA Regional Delegate for a three-year term beginning in 2013 through the close of the January 2016 convention.

Al Shoaf’s third book of poetry, Pied-Piper Philology: Love Words, has been published by ThinkerBooks of ThinkerMedia.

Maureen Turim and Scott Nygren both presented papers at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference in Chicago, March 6-10, 2013 on a panel entitled the “Cinema ad infinitum: Hollis Frampton, Theoretically.” Turim’s paper, “Conceptual Tensions with the Sensual in the Films of Hollis Frampton,” and Nygren’s, “Vision as an Affirmative Ruin: Still Learning from Hollis Frampton’s Project,” each analyzed the works of the acclaimed avant-garde filmmaker.

Phil Wegner edited the republication of Robert C. Elliott’s The Shape of Utopia (Ralahine Utopian Studies series at Peter Lang). Phil wrote a new introduction for this edition, which also includes a tribute to Elliott by his student, Kim Stanley Robinson, and Joanna Russ’s 1971 review. The republication is dedicated in honor of the memories of Russ and our former graduate student, Nicole LaRose.


Ricahrd Burt’s article, “What’s the Worst Thing You Can Do to Shak/x/espeare?” co-authored with Julian Yates, appeared in Renaissance Drama, n.s. 40 2012, 71–89. The article is available for free on google books.

Pamela Gilbert keynoted a conference, “Health and Illness in Culture” at Taipei Medical University, in Taiwan. Her talk was on social emotion in nineteenth-century thought: “Contagious Examples.” She also delivered an invited talk to the students and faculty titled “Be Patient: Medical Humanities and the Experience of Being a Caregiver.”

On January 30, Susan Hegeman presented the 2013 Fulbright Lecture at Uppsala University in Uppsala Sweden. The title of her lecture was “Casinos, Slow Food, and the Occupy Movement: Indigenous People in the Global Imagination.” She is currently the Fulbright-Uppsala Distinguished Chair in American Studies.

The Palm Beach Effect: Reflections on Michael Hofmann has just been brought out by Andre Naffis-Sahely and Julian Stannard (CB Editions). William Logan and Eric Bliman have contributed poems, and there are memoirs/ critiques from UF old boys/ gals Curtis D’Costa, Mary Beth Ferda, Randall Mann, Ralph Savarese, and Suzanne Zweizig.

Sidney Homan’s “With These Essay in Hand: Re-Stagings of The Merchant of Venice,” appears in New Readings of the Merchant of Venice edited by Horacio Sierra (Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Newcastle upon Tyne, 2013), pp. 183–205.

Judith Page has published a review of Amy Levy: Critical Essays, ed. Naomi Hetherington and Nadia Valman (Ohio University Press, 2010) in Victorian Studies, Summer 2012, vol. 54, pp. 742–44.


Richard Burt presided over MLA session 383, “The Archival Turn,” and delivered in that session a paper entitled “The Last Mann: Unpacking the Doktor Faustus Archive and Posthumous Publication,” January 4, 2013.

Andrew Gordon gave an invited address on “The Rsistant Analysand in Philip Roth’s My Life as a Man” to the group for Narrative and Medicine at the Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon, Portugal, December 19, 2012.

Granta are re-publishing Joseph Roth in England, starting off with three titles translated by Michael HofmannRadetzky MarchJoseph Roth: a Life in Letters, and The Emperor’s Tomb. This last is a new translation, to be published in April by New Directions.

Brandon Kershner’s co-edited book Joycean Unions: Post-Millennial Essays from East to Westhas been published by Rodopi.

In March, William Logan and Debora Greger will receive the 26th and 27th Aiken Taylor Awards in Modern American Poetry at the University of the South. Previous winners include Richard Wilbur, Anthony Hecht, and Louise Glück. William has just received the 2012 Staige D. Blackford Prize for Nonfiction from the Virginia Quarterly Review.

Judith Page’s paper, “‘The Lonely Hills’: Beatrix Potter, William Wordsworth, and the Lakeland Landscape,“ 87–103, was published in Grasmere, 2012, a peer-reviewed selection of papers from the Wordsworth Summer Conference.

News of Current Students


Robin Brooks gave a talk entitled “Beyond the ‘Class’ Room: The Entanglements of Class and Education in Caribbean Societies“ for the Department of Literatures in English seminar series at the University of the West Indies-Mona in Kingston, Jamaica where she is a visiting student for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Claire Eder’s translation of the poem “Wish“ by French poet Marie-Claire Bancquart appears in Guernica.

James Newlin’s essay “The Touch of the Real in New Historicism and Psychoanalysis“ appears in the current issue of SubStance. He also participated in the “Quoting Shakespeare“ seminar at the Shakespeare Association of America conference in Toronto.


Kristin Denslow presented “Repetition, Quotation, and the Uncanny in Ernst Lubitsch’s To Be or Not To Be“ at the Shakespeare Association of America conference held in Toronto, Ontario.

John Tinnell has accepted the position of Assistant Professor of English at the University of Colorado Denver. He presented “Writing Beyond Augmentation: Ecological Models of Techno-Human Relations“ at the Conference on College Composition and Communication. He has been selected for the Program Committee for the 2013 International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality.


Christopher Garland’s essay “’It is a Very Rough Game, Almost as Rough as Politics’: Rugby as Visual Metaphor and the Future of the New South Africa in Invictus” appears in Hollywood’s Africa After 1994 (Ohio University Press). His short essay, “Transmission: Considering New Media and the Online Histories of HIV/AIDS,” appears in Mediascape, UCLA’s journal of cinema and media studies.

Sabrina Jaszi’s story “The Lady from TV is Coming” appears in New Ohio Review Issue 13.

Anuja Madan’s book-length group study, Notes of Running Feet: English in Primary Textbooks, co-authored with Dr. Rimli Bhattacharya et al., has been published by Eklavya (Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh).

James Newlin’s essay “’How Every Fool Can Play Upon The Word’: Allegories of Reading in The Merchant of Venice and Pericles,” appears in New Readings of the Merchant of Venice edited by Horacio Sierra (Cambridge Scholars Publishing: Newcastle upon Tyne, 2013).


Hanh Nguyen’s book chapter “Preserving Roots: Vietnamese Folktales in Cross-Cultural and Transnational Translation” appears in Textual Transformations in Children’s Literature: Adaptations, Translations, Reconsiderations, edited by Benjamin Lefevre and published by Routledge.

Emerson Storm’s article “‘I Get Sort of Carried Away, Being So Normal and Everything’: The Oscillating Sexuality of Clare Quilty and Humbert Humbert in the works of Nabokov, Kubrick and Lyne“ appears in Alphaville.

Dhanashree Thorat presented “On being ‘half and half’: Naomi Shihab Nye’s Contribution to the Arab American Subaltern Counterpublic“ at the International Conference on Language, Literature and Culture held in Pune, India.

News of Former Students


Gary Hink (PhD 2012) has accepted a full-time faculty position at University of Colorado Boulder in the Program for Writing & Rhetoric, teaching Digital Composition, beginning this fall.

Robert G. Walker (PhD 1974) has co-authored, with Melvyn New, a short article for Notes & Queries, “Sterne and Warburton Again: Wrestling with a Chimney-Sweep.” He has published two book reviews recently in Scriblerian, and has forthcoming another review in that journal and a review in the annual, Religion in the Age of Enlightenment.


Since taking post graduate courses in creative writing at the University of Florida, Ann Wood Fuller (BA 1994) has attended several writing conferences: Southern Writers Southern Writing conference in Oxford, Mississippi where she read and discussed her landscape poetry. In addition she has attended the Marjorie Rawlings conference and each year the Other Words Writing Conference in St Augutine Florida. This year she also read at the CEA conference in Savannah.

Ric Hoeben (MFA 2007) story “A Good Fit” appears in Pithead Chapel.

Eric Otto (PhD 2006) co-presented “Acting Apocalypse: Scenario-Based Learning for Critical Thinking in the Science Fiction Classroom” at the 2013 Eaton/SFRA Conference in Riverside, CA.


Kevin Canty’s (MFA) story “Mayfly” appears in the January 28th issue of the New Yorker.

Ric Hoeben (MFA 2007) published two stories recently: “The Wold is Living” appears in the Burrow Press Review, and “Pickle” appears in The Tampa Review.

Christopher Merkner’s (MFA) first collection, The Rise and Fall of the Scandamerican Domestic, will be published by Coffee House Press in 2014.

Eric Otto’s (PhD 2006) article “’From a certain angle’: Ecothriller Reading and Science Fiction Reading The Swarm and The Rapture” has been published in Ecozon@: European Journal of Literature, Culture and Environment.


Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar’s (PhD 2008) book Hip Hop Dance in America: The American Dance Floor has been published by Greenwood Press.

Horacio Sierra’s (PhD 2010) edited collection, New Readings of the Merchant of Venice, has been published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. He recently accepted his second tenure-track position, as Assistant Professor of English at Bowie State University.


Melissa Garcia Criscuolo’s (MFA 2007) poetry chapbook Things in My Backyard has been published by Fishing Line Press. Her poems “Pageant,” “Halston,” and “Tongues of Fire” were published in the November 2012 Issue of The Acentos Review. She published and recorded four poems for Issue #2 of iARTistas, an iPad-only literary and artistic magazine.

Daniel Levine’s (MFA 2008) novel Hyde has been acquired by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, to be released in Spring 2014.

Eric D. Smith’s (PhD 2008) book Globalization, Utopia, and Postcolonial Science Fiction has been published by Palgrave-Macmillan.