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Richard Brantley

Professor Emeritus

Richard Brantley joined the UF in 1969. His courses typically included Romanticism, the History of Criticism, and the Bible as Literature. He received several teaching awards and was appointed English Department Alumni/ae Professor 1993–1996.

Professor Brantley has concentrated much of his career on an interdisciplinary methodology that brings together philosophy, religion, and literature. His essays have appeared in such journals as Studies in English LiteratureEighteenth-Century StudiesStudies in RomanticismEighteenth Century Life, and Harvard Theological Review.

He is the author of Wordsworth’s “Natural Methodism” (Yale, 1975); Locke, Wesley, and the Method of English Romanticism (Florida, 1984); Coordinates of Anglo-American Romanticism: Welsey, Edwards, Carlyle, and Emerson (Florida, 1993); Anglo-American Antiphony: The Late Romanticism of Tennyson and Emerson (Florida, 1994);  Experience and Faith: The Late-Romantic Imagination of Emily Dickinson (Palgrave Macmillan, 2004); and Transatlantic trio: Empiricism, Evangelicalism, Romanticism – essays and reviews, 1974-2017 (2017).