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Roger Thompson

Professor Emeritus
Roger Thompson received his PhD in Linguistics with an emphasis on Sociolinguistics from the University of Texas at Austin. He has a joint appointment with UF’s Program in Linguistics, where he coordinates the Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language (TESL) program. His research and teaching at UF focuses on two areas: TESL and Language Contact/Language Planning.

In the area of TESL, he has conducted teacher training workshops throughout the state of Florida and in Mexico, Hungary, and the Philippines on how to use interaction to teach English reading, writing, and speaking and how to use the Internet to enrich the English classroom. He has been a Peace Corps trainer in Guatemala and the Philippines. He has also taught in Germany.

Professor Thompson has authored many language teaching materials, including three distance education courses. He is the webmaster for Roger’s TESOL Page, a resource for English teachers world wide, and the Sunshine State TESOL web site. His forthcoming book Interaction and Modern English Structure reflects his interest in promoting the acquisition of English as a second language.

In the area of Language Contact/Language Planning, Professor Thompson focuses on English as a World Language. He has published articles on language planning in nineteenth century America, Mexican-American language loyalty, English pidgins and creoles, and the influence that English has had on other languages and cultures. His book Filipino English and Taglish: Language Switching from Multiple Perspectives reflects his interest in new varieties of English that result from language contact in a world setting.