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Film and Media Studies

A student wishing to concentrate in Film and Media Studies (FMS) should normally take ENG2300: Film Analysis, five FMS courses numbered 3000 and above, and 5 courses either within or outside the FMS group. The FMS courses numbered 3000 and above must include three courses from Section One and at least two courses from Section Two. Since most FMS courses are 4 credit hours, the five required FMS courses would normally require majors to take a minimum of 35 credit hours of course work to earn an English BA in Film and Media Studies.

The English BA in Film and Media Studies, unlike the Interdisciplinary BA in Film and Media Studies, does not require its students to enroll in production courses. The English FMS student is also encouraged to take at least two of the required college electives in approved film-theatre courses offered in other departments and programs.

The following list of courses provides an English FMS model with a broad background in film history and theory, cultural studies, and video production.

SECT. I: History and Theory [3 courses]:

  • ENG 3115: Intro to Film: Criticism & Theory
  • ENG 3121: History of Film, Part I
  • ENG 3122: History of Film, Part II

SECT. II: Cultural and Applied (Select 2):

  • ENC 3414 Hypermedia
  • ENG 3113: The Movies as a Narrative Art
  • ENG 4110: Film Genres, Directors & Periods
  • ENG 4130: Race & Ethnicity in Film
  • ENG 4133: Screenwriting
  • ENG 4134: Women & Film
  • ENG 4135: National Cinemas
  • ENG 4136: Film & Video Prod.
  • ENG 4139: Television & Electronic Culture


The remaining 5 courses of FMS work may be selected from the Film and Media Studies list above or other English department course offerings. Students should consider approved courses offered by other departments and programs to fulfill college electives.

Recommended Film/Media courses in other departments:


  • AFA 4905 Individual Study


  • FOL 4905 Latin American Cinema
  • FOW 2202 Film Studies: Germany, Russia, Scandinavia
  • FRT 3520 French Cinema
  • FRT 4523 European Identities, European Cinemas
  • GET 2950 Weimar Cinema
  • GET 4133 New German Cinema & Its Legacy
  • HMW 3213 The Israeli Cinema
  • ITT 3520 Italian Cinema (4 cr.)
  • ITT 2460 Italian Lit. & Film

THEATRE PERFORMANCE AND PERFORMANCE TRAINING (Please consult with the director of the film studies program

  • TPP 3310 Directing I
  • TPP 3311 Directing II
  • TPP 4260 Acting for the Camera

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